Cheetah Girls Come To an End

Cheetah Girls Recently Announced their Brek Up. The Cheetah Girls One World Tour WIll Be their last Concert. After this they are going to split and go on with their solo carrier.

Kiely Williams on of the Disney girl band singers told In Touch magazine:

“We always knew this tour would probably be our last.  We were excited about going out on a high note, it’s sad that this negative attention has put a damper on that.”

Although Williams insists that this has nothing to do with her band mate Adrienne Bailon and her recent nude photos, we’re not buying it.  In the end, Bailon’s “leaked” photos turned out to be a publicity stunt gone wrong.

Are you sad that the Cheetah Girls are going to end??


3 Responses

  1. the cheetah girls movies were really cool. i’m really sad tht there wont be any more movies.

  2. no!! they shud not break up.

  3. I wen’t to one of their concert and it was rocking. i hope they make more cheetah girls films and concerts.

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