Robert Pattinson Want’s To Get Into a Relationship

Robert Pattinson Say’s That Is Single and Wants To get Into a relationship. But, “No one else seems to want to get into a relationship with me,” We think he is right. No one would like to Get Into a relationship With a Vampire LOL. Checkout the Video To See What He Says.


9 Responses

  1. i don’t really like the way he looks. i don’t anyone wud like to be his GF.

  2. ya ur rite

  3. I totally agree with the above comments

  4. i like him :X

  5. i think hes gorgeous who wouldnt want to get in a relationship with him!! xXx LOVE U ROBERT

  6. hey soo i think tht robert is gorgous and i would love to be in a relationship with him… they need to come back to washington

  7. hey like i would so get in a relationship with him!! he is the buffest thing i have ever seen !!
    im from england and i think he should come back to england !!

  8. well..he is sweet and hot. 😉
    But i wouldn’t date him either…the part of him not washing sickens me..I know a boy who doesn’t wash himself and he has bugs and worms in his hair..and the’s awful :/ I hope that Rob isn’t like that …
    but yeah he has a great personality and i believe that he will make a beautiful girl happy someday.

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